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Comprehensive technological support
/ Your business solution in full form

Every business solution is a living organism, conceived to work efficiently with you and designed to help you achieve your business objectives. As such, it may need personalised services of support and/or maintenance so that you can exploit all its functions and capabilities. For this reason, at Aritmos we have organised a support and maintenance department with people trained in your solution to help you at any time.

Support to clients: technology always available

A business solution can become the backbone of management in your business. In this sense, that technology must always be available and its capacities 100% operative. At Aritmos we provide support and maintenance services, in both software and hardware, to guarantee that your company never stops. The technical support for clients under contract includes, depending on the form of contract, up to a comprehensive service of assistance in person (for example, if you need more training), online, on the telephone, etc., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A helpdesk service to make sure that your technology is always on total form.

Comprehensive technical assistance
For software and hardware
Up to 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year
Multiple routes for support

Aritmos Responds: support area for clients under contract

Aritmos Responds is the platform for support and communication with Aritmos exclusively for clients with contracts in force for software and hardware. Use the tools available in this space to sort out possible technological incidents related with your Aritmos products. A space from which you will receive the technical assistance you need through different formulas of relationship with us.


If you need to receive remote technical support, please get in touch with Aritmos first (through Software Support or Hardware Support) to get your access code for remote assistance. With your access code, click on the "RECEIVE REMOTE ASSISTANCE" button and enter the code we have given you from Aritmos so that our technicians can take remote control of your equipment.


We present the first technological 112: a number for telephone attention, 24 hours - 365 days a year, so that you can deal with real emergencies and/or technical breakdowns. We offer you the following telephone number for use only in severe cases of technological emergency.

+34 973 188 112

Do you want to know more about the Aritmos Responds platform?

There's no one better than our clients with software or hardware contracts to tell you about their impressions of the Artimos Responds platform.


Director of Administration
/ Lleida.net

Aritmos Responde is a rapid service that sorts out incidents for you very quickly with qualified people who solve the problems that come up from time to time with the management programme.


Information Department
/ CADÍ Societat Coop. C. Ltda.

Aritmos Responde is the place you can call when you don't know how to solve a technical problem, where you can make enquiries, even ask for advice. They nearly always have the answer, or at least a response to our needs.

Àngel Vilamajó

Head of Computer Systems
/ Bellpuig Town Council

Aritmos Responde is a service that helps us get over difficulties or problems that come up from day to day in a town hall, whether it is setting up a new theme, dealing with an enquiry, etc. Whatever the reason, you always get an answer to the problem, and so you can go on dealing with the affairs of the organisation, without having to stop the service. It's good to have a place where you can call to sort out the incidents that can happen.

Castellà Miró

Head of Computer Systems
/ Ivars Cooperative

Aritmos Responde is a tool which allows you to get good advice and help online. Whenever we contact them from the cooperative it is to sort out emergencies, "everything's burning", and Aritmos, in these cases, gets to work on our problem to find an answer. They have great professionals and qualified people to sort out any problem.

Do you need technological support for your business solutions?

Contact us and one of our it advisers will be in touch with you.


Support for partners: develop new opportunities and business

Aritmos has a support programme for partners so that technological consultants and B2B computer businesses can know in depth the advantages, characteristics and functions of Aritmos products, and get training in them for their development and implementation. In this sense, at Aritmos we supply broad support in comprehensive technical training so that you can implement Aritmos business solutions among your potential clients in sectors of activity such as distribution, production, services, food and agriculture, etc. Also, we offer you a full online centre of resources, with commercial tools and premium marketing, so that you can introduce comprehensively the benefits and advantages of Aritmos solutions.

New business opportunities
Personalised attention for partners
Specific training
Online centre of resources

Would you like to know about the support service for partners of Aritmos?

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