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The ERP designed by Aritmos and specialised in the management of SMES

Faced with a more and more demanding market, a more competitive business environment and the need to manage ever more complex SMEs, entrepreneurs like you need to manage your business with total clarity and high precision in your operations. i84 is the answer to this scenario: a technological cloud solution which ensures that you always know, constantly and with a panoramic view, how your business is doing: wherever you are.

i84 is not just more management software. This cloud platform offers you consistent and reliable business information so that you can take more accurate decisions and respond with greater rapidity and efficiency to changes in the market. A solution 100% orientated and developed to optimise competitiveness and productivity in business, with the aim of satisfying your customers' needs.

Speed up all your operations with the tools integrated into the ERP


Accounts management, managing each company, year, accounting entry, currency, tax return, etc.


Collections, payments, banking and customer risks, managing promissory notes, etc.


Managing fixed assets, depreciation calculations, depreciation processes, etc.


Production reports, work orders, batch management, synchronisation with factories.


Managing suppliers, orders, banking coordination, commercial follow-up, articles, price lists.


Managing customers, orders, commercial follow-up, transport, categories of articles, sales documents, offers


Inventories, reception and despatch, warehouse control, categories of articles, returns, logistics management


Official balance sheets, consolidated, budgeting, per cost centre

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