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Aritmos Dehydrators
/ ERP software for the management of dehydrators: for alfalfa, forage…

The business solution for the management of drying plants for alfalfa and forage producers

Running an alfalfa and hay drying facility requires understanding the specific needs of the sector and effectively managing your business in keeping with those needs: purchasing contracts with suppliers, control of purchasing delivery notes, control of distribution vehicles, sales invoices for customers, supplier payments, official reports, work and incident reports, tax management, accounting and financial management, etc.

To help manage your business efficiently, we invite you to discover the specific solutions designed for and adapted to your own organisational requirements. Aritmos solutions allow you to manage all of your company’s operations efficiently and effectively, maximising the tracking and control of activities throughout the process.

These are comprehensive solutions, adapted to the specific needs and issues of your sector. Our extensive packages include, in addition to the software, operational implementation and user training.

The use of Aritmos solutions for alfalfa and hay drying facilities offers your company guaranteed improvement in competitiveness, as well as optimisation of your operational processes.



  • Land management
  • Moisture tables
  • Contracts with producers
  • Purchasing delivery notes: direct or contracted
  • Contract tracking
  • Input reports by day, moisture, product, etc.
  • Forecasting reports by farm and cut, with differences between predicted and actual
  • Farm performance reports
  • Stock inventories from the processing facility
  • Official reports
  • Recalculation of the estimated kilos in the contract according to harvest season
  • List of growers
  • Settlements to suppliers
  • Generation of documents for accounting, taxes, and forecasting


  • Customer service
  • Product handling
  • Customer sales receipts
  • Delivery notes for sales
  • Sales delivery note queries
  • Report on proteins in sample for sales delivery notes
  • Sales reports
  • Tracking of customer receipts
  • Customer invoicing
  • Generation of documents for accounting, taxes, and forecasting

Transport and unloading

  • Control of vehicles involved in purchasing and sales
  • List of transport delivery notes
  • Evaluation of transport costs by article group
  • Printing of self-invoices for transporters
  • Generation of documents for accounting, taxes, and forecasting

Production reports

  • Hay analysis file
  • Recalculation of dry kilos based on moisture percentages
  • Reduction of raw materials according to formula
  • Assistance requests for dried hay
  • Invoicing summary book for production centres

Harvesting and field work

  • Hay analysis file
  • Assistance requests for dried hay
  • Invoicing summary book for production centres

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A computer application also recommended and/or adjustable for other agri activities:

Management of non-perennial plants
  • Managing swede
  • Managing fodder beet
  • Managing forage roots
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  • Managing other forage plants
  • Managing beet seed
  • Managing sugar beet
  • Managing forage plant seed
Management of the preparation and preservation of dried foods
  • Management and preservation of fruit, legumes and vegetables, including dehydration by artificial means
  • Management of the manufacture of dehydrated potato purée

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