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Outsourcing IT
/ Concentrate 100% on focusing your business

Technologically… you can stop worrying. Attend to your business and give it all your best efforts and leave the technology in our hands. At Aritmos we offer comprehensive IT services, through outsourcing formulas, which will allow you to concentrate all your technology with a single professional contact person.

A 360º view designed to externalise your technological department completely and, therefore, all the complexities and problems entailed in it. A strategic orientation designed to save overheads in the company and give even more professional value to your technological activity.

Comprehensive service
Technological ambit
Professional team
Adaptable to your needs
A single person to talk to
Greater technological value
Top technical performance
Cost saving

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Other services

Security of information

Businesses today face risks and insecurities which may affect their information. to deal with this danger it is important for businesses to evaluate the risks and take measures to protect and safeguard their data.

Ensure the constant functioning of all the operations in your company to overcome any eventuality, internal or external, which could affect the daily work of your business. Take precautions against hypothetical risks with a contingency plan capable of guaranteeing the normal progress of your activities. Minimise the risks involved in interruptions of your operations due to adverse incidents: breakdowns, fire, flood, power failure, etc.

Business information and data become more important every day. Documents, files, computer management, etc., have become vital elements for the continuity of business in organisations like yours. Safeguarding all this data is an action which is often not taken into account, since the computer systems which manage it also deal with guaranteeing its protection.

Even so, any technical or human fault, the loss or destruction of part of this business information could result in considerable losses or in a stoppage of your activity. Aware of all this, at Aritmos we have developed a system to protect and watch over all the information in your organisation: Data Security.

Data Security is a virtual data centre from which you can recover your business information in the event of any incident, so that you can get back to work. Also, whenever necessary, the technology of our Data Centre means that you can work directly on our equipment, 100% remote. This is action of a preventive type designed to guarantee the continuity of your business.

Protect the personal data managed in your business with the installation, correct and secure, of all the legal measures in force to protect the personal data used in your business. The creation in your organisation of files with this type of information must ensure their privacy and guarantee adequate processing independently of the support of the data.

Infrastructures and systems

equip your company with technological supplements from the professional range for your business solutions. at aritmos we advise you on the best options for your company, we install them for you and deal with their settings so that integration with the rest of your technological infrastructures is optimum.

At Aritmos we develop projects for the installation of data networks, also offering comprehensive maintenance of these infrastructures. The projects that we develop use cutting edge technology and are 100% adaptable for scale. Our specialists in computerised networks will analyse the technological structure of your company and suggest the best personalised solution with criteria of operational effectiveness and economic efficiency.

Aritmos makes available to you a broad range of professional servers, computer equipment, devices, etc., so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. We have the latest equipment of high operational performance so that your business is up to date with the most recent technological innovations.