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Aritmos Cooperatives
/ ERP software for the management of agriculture and livestock cooperatives

The business solution for the administration of agriculture and livestock cooperative societies

Our experience in the farming and livestock sector means that our software for cooperatives is designed with the specific traits of this type of business in mind: purchasing and sales monitoring, stock supply management, transport management, quality tables, land tracking and control, traceability, reports, etc.

We offer you the tool you need: comprehensive software specialised in the management of farming and livestock cooperatives. The computer software developed by Aritmos for cooperatives is designed to streamline administrative management of cooperative farming and livestock operations. This software is the result of our extensive experience acquired through numerous customer installations covering a variety of geographical areas and business sectors.

Its modular design offers a solution that can be adapted to the needs of each company for optimal performance in each of the operations the company carries out. In addition to the software itself, Aritmos solutions also include operational implementation of the system, training for new users and ongoing support by means of an efficient remote maintenance service.

About Aritmos Cooperatives

With Aritmos Cooperatives you can manage your agriculture or livestock cooperative efficiently and profitably. This computer programme supplies abundant precise information which can be used to take important decisions whenever it is necessary.

This comprehensive solution allows for the optimum management of your cooperative by the use of an efficient working tool. Aritmos Cooperatives is designed to supply global solutions for specific problems so that your management functions can be integrated more rapidly and you can take full advantage of everything that the tool offers you.

Aritmos Cooperatives is a very powerful and comprehensive tool which will increase the profitability of all your operations while also optimising your business processes. The programme accepts many databases:  SQL Server, Oracle, etc.


Food and agriculture Management / Purchasing

  • Supplier contract management (land, multi-supplier, predicted deviation, settlements)
  • Contract histories
  • Receiving management (intakes, tare circuit, share cropping, shared labels, quality control, links with scales)
  • Receiving histories
  • Management of purchasing invoices (payment items, advances/settlements by price tables, direct advances/settlements, accounting integration)

Food and agriculture management / Sales

  • Client contract management (offers, economic conditions, predicted deviation, collections)
  • Contract histories
  • Shipping management: intakes, tare circuit, valuation of delivery notes, traceability by batch (direct sales), quality control, shipping histories
  • Cost management (handling, materials, logistics, recalculation of costs, etc.)
  • Management of sales invoices (invoice items, invoice summaries, direct invoices, accounting integration)

Food and agriculture management / Fruit, citrus, and vegetables

  • Receiving management (import pricing entry, pricing from calibrators)
  • Management of purchasing invoices (valuation of delivery notes, advances/settlements by delivery note)
  • Shipping management: outgoing lots, incoming lots (direct sales)
  • Management of sales invoices (invoicing on consignment, generation of billing costs)
  • Packaging management (deliveries, returns, deposits)
  • Management of production reports (raw material consumption, product prices, palette labels, crates, traceability by production reports)
  • Management of industry/withdrawals (invoicing of clients, settlements to suppliers, official reports)

Management of food and agriculture / Grape harvest contributions

  • Table management (hectolitres, hectograms, glucose, pH, etc.)
  • Receiving management: peripheral connection (refractometer, cards, etc.), data conversion (hectolitres, hectograms, kilograms, etc.), official reports
  • Management of purchasing invoices (calculation of discounts/depreciation, advances, settlements by delivery note summaries)
  • Management of traceability in storage
  • Management of special taxes

Food and agriculture management / Grain contributions

  • Table management: various seasons by product (maize, wheat, barley, etc.), moisture, specific intake, drying, storage, etc.
  • Receiving management: conversion of kilos (humidity, losses, etc.), stock updating (storage areas, capacities, etc.), storage transfers (growers, seasons)
  • Management of service invoices (drying, storage, quotas)

Food and agriculture Management / Farm Management

  • Table management (agricultural and livestock operations, feeds, market prices)
  • Incident management (transfers of feed, animals, etc.), employee leave, data conversion (hectolitres, hectograms, kilograms, etc.), incident histories, ratio calculation (transformation, conversion, employee leave, etc.), results per operation/feed)
  • Management of purchasing invoices: entry of analytical information (units, kilos, amounts), entry of miscellaneous items
  • Management of sales invoices (entry of analytical information (units, kilos, amounts), entry of miscellaneous items, generation of purchasing invoices

Credit section management

  • Different settings (multi-branch, multi-lender, multi-currency)
  • Management of accounts
  • Types of account (savings accounts, checking accounts, term deposits, loans, credit policies, draft discounting)
  • Account holders
  • Condition tables (interest, retention, commissions, etc.)
  • Transaction management
  • Teller window transactions
  • Automatic transactions Importing of bank transactions
  • Management of promissory notes received (printing of booklets, checks, receipts, etc.)
  • Accounting integration
  • Calculation of interests (by periods, by average balance, calculation simulation, generation of forms 193-196, retention printing)
  • Loan management (loan concession, advance amortisation, collection of issued and/or unpaid statements, accrual/deferral reports)
  • Management of draft portfolio (entry of shipments, interest settlements, draft discounting)
  • Miscellaneous processes (settlements, term deposits, daily incident reports, interest rate changes)

Specific features / management of supplies to partners

  • Intake management (origin intake, bills of lading)
  • Transport management (vehicles, transporter invoices, accounting integration)
  • Management of hazardous products (registry number, categories, official books)
  • Management of veterinary prescriptions (qualitative formulas, prescription printing, official medication books)
  • Price management (valuation of delivery notes, recalculation of average prices)
  • Management of fuels (pump data importing, subsidised diesel charges, application of IVMDH fuel tax, official books)

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