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Aritmos Registered Communications
/ Software for certified e-mails, invoices, sms, etc.

Be certain that your most important communications get to their destinations

Many organisations today need to send certain communications and/or documents and files on different occasions with legal proof that these have been sent and received.

To address this need, Aritmos has developed a certified communications application on the Sage ERP X3 platform.

The tool can be used to send all types of information from any ERP screen via email or SMS, with legal proof.

To do this, the application generates a legally valid certificate which verifies the communication. The system can also be used to administer this type of information using an integrated document manager.


A set of services designed to turn your electronic communications into effective, efficient and legally binding documents, while protecting the natural environment. All with full legal validity.

  • Legally binding: turn your electronic communications into legally binding documents, with full legal validity before a court of law.
  • Save: the cost of registered electronic communications is much lower than any other paper communications offering the same legal validity. They are also time-savers, as they can be easily integrated with your back office system.
  • Trusted third party: as a telecommunications operator, we have always dealt with the security of our customers' data, and we have a wealth of experience as a trusted third party. We will also keep the document for you.
  • Eco-friendly: we help you protect the natural environment. Replace paper using technology.
  • User-friendly: with these services no set ups are required. You can also integrate them into your platform.


  • Certified SMS
  • Certified e-mail
  • Certified SMS contract 
  • Certified e-mail contract
  • Certified invoice
  • Certified delivery

* This module has been developed jointly with, one of the leading communications enterprises in the world, specialising in certified communications.

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