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Sage XRT Treasury
/ Intelligent management of your financial value chain

Sage XRT Treasury is the comprehensive modular treasury solution for control of liquidity and finance in your business

In a more and more complex business world, treasury has developed from a purely money management function to play a key strategic role. To ensure that you have a global view in real time of your financial value chain, Sage XRT Treasury is the treasury management solution tool that will help you dominate this environment. This technology is an integrated and modular treasury solution which allows you to adapt to the growing financial needs and complexities of your day-to-day work.

This treasury software supplies visibility in real time of the liquidity of the business and also gives a view in the medium and long term of the rest of the financial resources. Sage XRT Treasury has functions which automate the sending and receipt of information with banks, in addition to having a powerful Business Intelligence tool which will help in analysing reports, graphics and control tables, such as the overall position or the bank-company balance.

The financial complexities of your organisation, simplified in real time

  • Prevent being left in the red and having possible budget deviations
  • Improve the working capital and get an overall view of liquidity
  • Improve decision-taking by eliminating uncertainty
  • Reinforce security in payments
  • Reduce the liquidity and market risks
  • Reduce the costs arising from manual tasks
  • Improve the effectiveness of your financial management
  • Complete and specialised cover in treasury flow management: payments, collection, financial decisions, currency risk management, payment orders, reconciliation and bank communication
  • Compliance with standards and regulations: LSF, SOX, SEPA…
  • Easy integration with all the information systems of the market
  • Totally compatible with local and international legislation

Key advantages of Sage XRT Treasury

Impact on various levels of the organisation

Corporative: could improve the value of the business.
Treasury: reduce volatility, improve the cash-flow, reduce the Average Weighted Cost of Capital.
Functional: manage risks and reduce the costs of banking, cover, interest and liquidity risk.

Information on strategic decisions

Recovered data help in strategic and business planning, in cash and budget management and in analytical reports.
Less time is used in administrative tasks.

Guarantee data security

Traceability in the data flow, management of authorizations, secure bank changes and data coding

Proven return on investment

A complete Business Intelligence solution.
Productivity and return improved.
Reduced costs and improved efficiency.
The characteristics of security minimise the financial and operational risk.

Improve collaboration

Optimise business relationships and internal and external collaboration.

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Cover all your financial flows and increase the financial profits of your business

Management of financial operations
Bank reconciliation
Liquidity management
Reporting and business intelligence
Payment means and banking communication

A daily follow-up of the position and optimisation of balances at value date


From reports, graphics, analyses, control tables and standard indicators which operate by default, you will get a general and analytical view of the financial department.


You can keep in touch, automatically, with your banking entities. The system will proactively import the bank extracts and insert them into your application.


A solution which allows you to manage and control financing and investment operations in the medium and long term.


Control and manage the risks of working with currencies in international transactions.


Automatic reconciliation under rule 43 with the accounting movements.


Generating and despatching remittances on collections and payments. Complete management at the various levels of security in bank-business and intra-group communications.


Management and follow-up of annual treasury budgeting, controlling deviations occurring between the forecast and the real.


Automatically generate accounting entries from the information drawn from different sources (Standard 43, Excel...), to integrate them directly in the business accounting system.


With validation by electronic signature, you can guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and traceability of payments.


Make international banking connections through the Swiftnet service. For both the receipt and the sending of payments.


You can manage banking powers in a secure form for each bank, account or each transaction, also you can send automatic letters to banks to inform them of any alterations.


You can centralise and set off intra-group invoices.

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