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Aritmos Flour Mills
/ ERP software for the management of flour factories

The business solution for the management of flour mills

Our experience in the flour production sector means that our software for flour mills is designed with the specific traits of this type of business in mind: purchasing and sales monitoring, stock supply management, transport management, quality tables, traceability, reports, etc.

Aritmos’s comprehensive software specially designed for the management of flour mills is the tool you need. Aritmos software applications for flour mills have been designed to streamline the administrative management of companies like yours. This software is the result of the extensive experience we have acquired through a large number of customer installations in a variety of geographical areas.

Its modular design offers a solution that can be adapted to the needs of each company for optimal performance in each of the operations the company carries out.

In addition to the software itself, Aritmos solutions also include operational implementation of the system, training for new users and ongoing support by means of an efficient remote maintenance service.


Management of articles

  • Statistical families: flours, sub-products, wheat, packaging, etc.
  • Units: kilos, sacks, etc.
  • Price types: per kilo, per tonne, etc.
  • Sale prices: by customer/article, by customer group, etc.

Purchase orders

  • Types of orders: open contract, regular order
  • Supplier information: representatives, transport conditions, etc.
  • Scheduling of expected reception: article, dates, kilos, prices
  • Contract printing

Receiving management

  • Entry of intakes: origin/destination intakes, costs associated with the purchase, etc.
  • Entry of transport information
  • Accounting entry of purchasing delivery notes
  • Printing of purchasing delivery notes
  • Control of invoices received

Transport management

  • Types of transport: purchase, sales, direct
  • Transport prices: by agency, zone, etc.
  • Price type: per tonne, fixed, etc.
  • Transporter information: driver, license, trailer, etc.
  • Accounting entry of transport delivery notes
  • Printing of transport delivery notes
  • Control of invoices received

Sales orders

  • Types of orders: Customer, inter-facility, B2B
  • Information on clients, representatives, transport, etc.
  • Rapid selection of the customer’s usual articles
  • Commission value proposals (% per tonne, price difference, etc.)
  • Order reports

Delivery management

  • Client information: risk, authorisation, etc.
  • Representative information, commissions, etc.
  • Entry of transport and unloading information
  • Direct invoicing or by confirmed delivery notes
  • Cost control for production and distribution: transport, unloading, commissions, etc.
  • Document printing: delivery notes, invoices

Trading management

  • Entry of date, route, maximum intake, etc.
  • Entry of transport and unloading information
  • Selection of orders by route, date, etc.
  • Generation of deliveries: customer, inter-facility, B2B
  • Document printing: deliveries, transport, unloading, load order, etc.

Management of commissions

  • Type of commission: fixed, by collection, by percentage, per tonne, price difference, etc.
  • Selection by commission calculation
  • Printing of commission invoices
  • Generation of expense invoice

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A computer application also recommended and/or adjustable for other agri activities:

Managing the preparation of milled products
  • milling cereals: production of flour, middlings, semolina and granules of wheat, rye, oats, maize and other cereals
  • milling rice: production of dehusked, ground, polished, bleached, part-cooked or converted rice; production of rice flour
  • milling legumes: production of flour and semolina from dried legumes, roots and tubers and edible nuts
  • preparation of breakfast cereals  
  • preparation of flour mixes and of flour and dough mixed and prepared for making bread, cakes, biscuits and pancakes
Managing the preparation of milled products, starch and starch products
  • milling cereals and legumes to produce flour or semolina, milling, cleaning and polishing rice and preparation of mixtures of flour or dough with these products
  • wet-milling maize, legumes and vegetables and the preparation of starch and starch products
Managing the preparation of starch and starch products
  • preparation of starch from rice, potatoes, maize, etcetera
  • wet-milling maize
  • preparation of glucose, glucose syrup, maltose, inulin
  • preparation of gluten
  • preparation of tapioca and tapioca substitutes from starch
  • preparation of corn oil
Managing the preparation of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
  • preparation of pasta, such as macaroni and noodles, cooked or uncooked and filled or not
  • preparation of couscous
  • preparation of canned or frozen pasta products
Management of other flours
  • preparation of flour and semolina without defatting from oleaginous seeds, nuts and almonds
  • production of fish flour for human consumption or for animal feedstuffs
  • production of flours and other soluble substances from fish and other sources

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