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Sage 200c
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The business management solution for SMEs that want to have all their work areas perfectly connected

With hardly any need for maintenance, Sage 200c is the comprehensive solution for SMES and means that you can control all the different parts of your business: Finance, Projects, Manufacture, Customer Relations Management (CRM)... Easy and quick to install, in addition to the basic functions of a traditional ERP system, Sage 200c adds others so that you can achieve better productivity and connection between all your departments: Banking Communication, Invoice Digitalization, and Business Intelligence... Also, if you need to administrate all the daily tasks of your labour ambit and/or payrolls, you can work in integrated form with Sage 200c Employment, the global management solution for human resources.

The definitive stimulus for your SME

  • Improve productivity in all departments and, therefore, in the business
  • Connect and speed up important processes in your company
  • Increase the profitability of your sections through control and analysis of information
  • Make taking decisions easier in having data from all areas in one place
  • Design and usability created by and for the user
  • Help in compliance with accounting, legal and tax obligations
  • Make work easier for users who need mobility
  • Allow personalisation in order to adapt to the changes you make in your SME
  • LiveUpdate, the system always up to date, at no operative cost
  • The updating of new versions respects personalisation already in place
  • With Sage 200c you have technological evolution guaranteed

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Concurrent users: from 1 to 100


Business size: from 10 to 200 employees


Addressed to any sector of activity


Special editions for the sectors of Manufacture, Distribution, Retail and Projects


Integration with Office, automatic integration of banking entries, online shop...


API platform to integrate own or third party applications


100% available online for access from any device, at any time, anywhere


Multiple editions available and form of payment by annual subscription

Highlights of Sage 200c


Online mode to solve the needs of your business in the most efficient way and at minimum cost

  • A solution based on Cloud Computing with unlimited accessibility from any computer with an internet connection. Always with maximum security in data processing.
  • The Windows Azure platform guarantees maximum availability of service and adaptability of scale in hosting applications.
  • It is composed of specific modules for each area of activity in your business, such as Accounting and Finance, Purchases, Sales, Warehouse and Manufacture, and a series of advanced management modules in the environments of CRM, Project Management, Contracts, Employment Management and Human Resources, Documentary Management, Treasury and Business Intelligence.

High mobility

More mobility for your sales force

  • Sage Catalogue 2.0 is a mobility solution which allows the sales force to present the product or service catalogues to their customers from mobile devices such as tablets.
  • Sage Catalogue 2.0 is managed and set up from a web solution which is integrated with Sage 200c. Once the catalogues are set up in the cloud, they are ready to be downloaded or updated on mobile devices.
  • With this, the sales force has these catalogues permanently updated, gaining in flexibility and productivity, producing a more technological and advanced brand image, at the same time saving in design costs and printing, contributing also to the preservation of the environment.


Advanced functional features designed for a rapid return on investment

  • Command panels totally adapted to your needs when you start up your Sage 200c.
  • Free creation of new user fields.
  • Search: a powerful search engine for information from any Sage 200c unit.
  • Alerts by Workflow: creation of alerts at strategic points of your business circuits.
  • Maximised screens: possibility of using activity screens outside the menu framework.
  • Actions per entity: add warnings, searching in Internet or other menus from a client, article, etc.
  • Integration with Google Maps and Exportation to advanced Excel.
  • Installation in infrastructures with clusters.
  • Rules of usability in lists of entities: define which registers you want to stand out in compliance with rules that you yourself define
  • LiveUpdate: always up to date.
  • Advanced security.
  • Totally adapted for use with 64 bit SQL.

Total connectivity

One of its differentiating pillars

Sage 200c goes much further than an open platform. It is a connected platform, a Connect platform. It is designed and prepared to create an ecosystem of solutions connected with Sage 200c in a totally secure form and adaptable in scale. Your API platform allows you to broaden the range of solutions by integrating third party applications validated by Sage, to offer specific solutions. Thus, the option is open, if it suits you, so that you can develop your own Apps to broaden the performance of Sage 200c.

  • Platform for data export which eases the exchange of information between Sage 200c and other solutions from Sage or other makers.
  • Data import from free formats in ASCII, Excel or MS-Access database. Data export in ASCII format.
  • Import or export documents can be configured to adapt to any entry format.
  • Data importing with control of formats with valid fields and business logic.
  • Import and export of tables for Accounting, Commercial and Employment Management.
  • Free system of data import and export in configurable XML formats.
  • XML structures can be designed and the map of fields assigned between tables of Sage 200c and XML tags.
  • System of trays for entry and exit of files to import or export.
  • External access module which allows Sage 200c processes to be executed directly from outside applications.
  • The execution of these processes is in silent mode, that is, without lifting any window or screen from the application.

Business Intelligence

A general and analytical view of all the values of your business for more accurate decision making

Access a global view of all the indicators of your business. Go deeper into all the processes through data analysis and make better decisions at the appropriate moment.

  • Multidimensional search.
  • Detailed search and summary of transaction data.
  • Filtering and grouping.
  • Ordering and classification.
  • Consultations and formulas.
  • Geospatial analysis.
  • Creation of control panels and KPI.
  • Financial reports and consolidation.

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Sage 200c, a highly functional business solution

Sage 200c is not only an integral solution for your SME: it is standard software, modular and adaptable to the current management needs of your business, but always with a view to future growth. Easy to use, it is notable for its quick start-up, so that it will be very easy for you to work with the traditional functions of an integral solution such as Accounting and Finance, Purchases, Sales, Warehouse and Manufacture. Also, if you want to complete your solution, you can choose between a series of advanced management modules in Customer Management, Customer Service and Marketing, Project Management, POS, Treasury and many more.

And, if you want a single solution for your SME, Sage 200c incorporates high productivity functions such as integration with MS-Office, collaboration tools via API such as the automatic connection, download and integration of banking entries, electronic shopping or E-commerce, Sage 200c Employees Portal, among others. All this with minimal maintenance and no need for any knowledge of programming. You can personalise the solution yourself, adapting the design of the database, the screens of the application, the reports and the creation of new work processes.

Complete control with a flexible configuration of the Accounting Plan, rapid entry of expenses and income and systems for searching entries. With Sage 200c you can work on all the financial aspects of the business, from registration of customers to alterations in the business structure.

This includes all the functions for control of your production with flexibility and rapidity. From the definition of pricing to the calculation of shrinkage and production waste, passing through definition of work centres and all the functions you need for the management of production in the company.

Better control of inventories and the accurate valuation of stocks. Multi-warehouse, control and complete traceability of information, real and virtual stock, profitability and development of articles, etc.

All you need to be closer to your customers. Sage 200c CRM helps you to identify and recruit your customers and promote their loyalty. Know the history of any customer, when they were last spoken to, which products they bought, so that you can offer them what they need at the right time. In this sense, you can create, define and follow up your marketing campaigns, make segmentations of customers and potentials, originate mailings, create and complete surveys, carry out telemarketing, etc.

Extend your business management with mobility solutions like Sage Catalogue 2.0, your product catalogue online and customer order management; Sage DigitalDocs, our proposal for the automatic integration of invoices received, or with solutions which manage your banking movements and integrate them into Sage 200c.

For the cycle of purchases and sales, planning supply needs and linking with the portfolio of bills and accounting. With this comprehensive solution you can have total management of the purchase and sale circuits; management of Contracts, or a whole series of items to be invoiced regularly to your customers, with free definition of prices, frequency and start and finish dates; management of files, warehousing; integration with EDI systems.

Control and follow-up of project planning in time, starting from definition of the group of tasks and subtasks involved, the duration of each of them and the material and human resources assigned to them, as well as the preparation of budgets detailed by chapters, subchapters and items, and the follow-up of your billing to the customer.

Facilitates control of the technical team with an agenda for technicians, teams and assignment of reports. Assignment of materials, hours, expenses and resources. Integrated process of budgeting and invoicing according to previous quotation or according to imputations made.

Obtain a general and analytical view of all the values of your business for more accurate decision-making. Access a global view of all the indicators of your company. Go deeper into the processes by data analysis, and take more suitable decisions at the right time.

Sage 200c has special editions for complete employment management and the whole cycle of the employees, such as 360º Portals or HR.

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