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/ Grow forward with a faster, simpler and more flexible erp

Sage X3. gives you the tools you need to raise productivity and reactivate profitable growth

Increasing sales and reducing exploitation costs are the main priorities of businesses worldwide. Companies like yours are facing the same challenges: from winning customers and expanding into new markets to eliminating inefficiency, automating processes and increasing competitiveness.

How do you face them successfully? Start with your data. A recent study of businesses in Europe and America shows that improving the capacity of use, accessibility and intelligence of data has a significant impact on profits. To achieve better data, start with Sage X3.

Improve efficiency throughout your business with this ERP software and give your employees the vision they need, when they need it. In the office or on a mobile device. Sage X3 provides the tools to reduce costs, increase income and win new customers at local and international level. Make your business grow!

Growth in your business, with Sage X3 and Aritmos

Ease of use

Do more in less time

Increase user productivity with an intuitive user web interface that users can easily personalise so that they can work the way they like.


Go where your business takes you

Access your data from mobile devices, check the inventory, get orders from customers, approve purchases and consult the key performance indicators (KPI) wherever you are.


Recover control over your processes

Eliminate inefficiency, ensure compliance and make operations flexible, with the complete integration of business processes and automated workflows.

Data intelligence

Get the information you need when you need it

Evaluate risks and follow up performance in real time with user controlled tables, Business Intelligence tools and creation of reports.

Capacity of response

Improve service to the customer

Speed up the solving of problems and increase the response capacity of your employees with faster and simpler access to the information they need.


Increase the cash flow and invest in growth

Optimise the cash flow and release capital for growth, with a solution for cost control in all areas and improve your profits constantly.

International expansion

Expand to new markets and geographical areas

Increase capacity, implement new processes, manage new business units and expand into new geographical areas with a flexible business management solution, designed for growth and international trade.

Highlights of Sage X3: a high capacity ERP, with no heavy costs or complexity

Accelerate transaction times by providing on the spot inventory counts, customer prices and information on the customer risk in real time, doing away with those calls to the office to get more information which take up so much time. Your salesmen have all the information they need to prepare a quote and introduce orders by remote, so that they lose no opportunity for a sale and orders can be served faster.

Equipped with totally personalised control panels, Sage X3 offers key performance indicator (KPI) graphics so that users can take decisions faster and better informed, based on information in real time. This view of transactions in real time throughout the enterprise can alert users to problems which require immediate action.

Since most businesses use Microsoft Office in their everyday activities, Sage X3 includes great integration with the Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with an integral special tab for Sage X3. You can insert graphics and tables into Word files, create proposals for sales and other documents from Sage X3, export data to Excel and create a direct link between the data and the workbook, import data and graphics directly in PowerPoint, update the data just with a click…

Keep yourself informed of trends and convert knowledge into action, using Business Intelligence tools and a library of predefined reports to centralise data and deliver them on demand. Broaden basic analytical capacities with Business Intelligence options.

Act rapidly when inventory levels fall, you need to place an urgent order or you need approvals with electronic signature. Sage X3 gives you the power to respond with confidence and speed to changing conditions in business and manage unusual events through workflows and alerts that are easy to use. The relevant data and access to them in real time, together with the capacity to receive alerts and notifications, can reduce these times to something almost instantaneous.

Share data within the organisation and stimulate collaboration. Sage X3 simplifies access and ways of sharing relevant information by user, function and project team. Consolidate information for accounting, sales, financing, client service and operations, so that the whole world is sharing the same data, exact and available in real time.

It doesn't matter if you are in one place or all over the world. Sage X3 grows with your business. Its adaptability makes it easy to add users or functions. You want to expand into a new geographical area or market? Sage X3 makes it easier, thanks to qualities such as multi-location, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-legislation and multi-language.

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Coordinate all the parts of your business and make your transactions more flexible with total process integration

From accounting and cash management functions to analysis, budgets and the presentation of reports, Sage X3 manages it all easily. Even global financial management is simplified by the exchange of data common to plants in different countries, respecting the regulations, business culture and currencies of the various countries.

Every purchase matters. With Sage X3 you will understand all the purchase points clearly, so that you can take advantage of the best prices and discounts, and reassign the expense as you go. Also you can deal easily with subjects such as purchase orders, subcontracting, import declarations and transactions.

Get a clear view of all relationships with your customers and be sure that you are making the right offers to the right customers at the right time. In this way you can reduce the bother of daily tasks such as entering orders, offers, product configuration and credit checks.

Many of the most important manufacturers in the world rely on Sage X3 to improve their operations, since it works in particular manufacturing environments and in manufacture by related processes and industries. Be quicker and more flexible with the following critical processes: managing the work centre and the work, routes, lists of materials, formulas and recipes, planning, replacements, quality control, analysis of production, etc.

Plan and operate your supply chain with clarity and confidence. With a great capacity for analysis, Sage X3 helps you make your deliveries always on time. It includes the tools necessary for the management of location, quality control and sampling, traceability, inventory replacement, physical counting, etc.

Manage your contacts. Do marketing campaigns. Promote loyalty and supporting services. With customer service capacities available from the start and thanks to CRM, Microsoft Office® and a series of solutions, you will always have the tools you need to get the best out of each interaction with the customer.

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