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Aritmos Farms
/ ERP software for the management of farms and livestock exploitations

The business solution to manage livestock in exploitations of pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, poultry, horses…

Nobody understands the specifics of your sector as well as you do: traceability, farm monitoring, animal transport, nutrients, documentation, etc.

Effective and efficient management requires all of these aspects to be covered by specialised software, adapted to the needs of your company (farm, cattle...).

We are please to present Aritmos solutions, tools designed for optimal management of your farm.

Use our solutions to improve your operations and your competitiveness in the sector. Aritmos lets you control and monitor all of your company’s activities to optimise your operations.



  • Purchasing contracts with suppliers
  • Delivery notes for purchase order sales or direct sales
  • Purchasing settlement calculations
  • Recalculation of cost prices
  • Purchasing invoice queries
  • Printing of automatic purchase invoices
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents
  • General reports
  • Reports
  • Sales statistics

Sales and commissions

  • Customer orders
  • Sales rates
  • Discount tables
  • Delivery notes for sales
  • Invoicing processes
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents
  • Statistical reports for sales
  • General reports
  • Representatives
  • Zones
  • Commission tables
  • Commission settlements
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents


  • Formulas Calculation of raw material costs
  • Production reports
  • Warehouse updating
  • Collection of facility production data (when feasible)

Management of fattening farms

  • Management of tables
  • Farming and livestock operations
  • Animal feeds
  • Market prices
  • Management of incidents
  • Transfers (feed, animals, etc.)
  • Employee leave
  • Data conversion (hectolitres, hectograms, kilograms, etc.)
  • Incident histories
  • Calculation of ratios (transformation, conversion, employee leave, etc.)

Transport and unloading

  • Control of vehicles involved in purchasing and sales
  • List of transport delivery notes
  • Evaluation of transport costs by article group
  • Printing of automatic invoices for transporters
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents


  • Management of multiple warehouses
  • Types of products
  • Products
  • Batch control and expiry dates
  • Stock situation report
  • Queries on availability of a product in the warehouses
  • Queries for entry/exit of products Inventories
  • Hazardous substances registry
  • Medications registry
  • Results by operation/feed
  • Management of purchasing invoices
  • Entry of analytical information (units, kilos, amounts)
  • Entry of miscellaneous items
  • Management of sales invoices
  • Entry of analytical information (units, kilos, amounts)
  • Entry of miscellaneous items
  • Generation of purchasing invoices

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A computer application also recommended and/or adjustable for other agri activities:

Management of breeding sheep and goats
  • raising and breeding sheep and goats
  • raw milk production from sheep and goats
  • production of raw wool
Management of pig breeding
  • raising and breeding pigs
Management of poultry keeping
  • raising and breeding poultry: birds, chickens, capons, ducks, geese, turkeys, hens
  • egg production
  • exploitation of chick raising and incubators
Management of cattle and buffalo breeding
  • raising and breeding of cattle and buffalos
  • raw milk production from dairy cows and buffalo
Management of the breeding of horses and other equines
  • raising and breeding horses, donkeys, mules and hinnies
Managing the raising of camels and other camelids
  • raising and breeding camels, dromedaries and other camelids
Managing the raising of other animals
  • raising and breeding semi-domesticated animals and other living creatures: ostriches and emus, rabbits and other fur animals, other birds
  • bee-keeping, honey and beeswax production

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