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Legal Notice


This legal disclaimer contains the Terms of Use for the website, which its Owner, Informàtica del Segre, S.L. (hereinafter “the website Owner”), makes available to Users so that they are informed about the content, services and/or products provided by either the Owner or by third parties.


In compliance with the Right to Information Act and with Law 34/2002 of 11 July on E-Commerce and Information Society Services, we hereby inform Users that web and social media Ownership are as follows:

  1. - Owner: Informàtica del Segre, S.L.
  2. - Address: Térmens, 8 - 25190, Lleida
  3. - E-mail:
  4. - Telephone: +34 973 188 300
  5. - TAX ID: B25035080
  6. - Companies House: registered at the Companies House of Lleida, folio 184, volume 188, page I-2002, registration 3.
  7. - Domain name:


Accessing, browsing and/or using any and all of the contents, information and/or services hosted in this website confers the condition of USER, be it a natural or a legal person, and is subject to prior, express, complete and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions of the legal texts as they appear on the website:

  1. - Legal dislcaimer
  2. - Data protection policy
  3. - Cooky policy

The Owner advises the User to carefully read the Terms and Conditions found on the aforementioned legal texts, which can be freely accessed, printed, downloaded and saved, be it in print or in electronic format at any time.

Should the User disagree with the content of the legal texts, he/she should refrain from accessing, browsing and/or using the information, contents, services and/or products hosted in this website.

Access to the website is free of charge, barring the cost of connecting through the telecommunications network provided by the Internet service provider.


The information, contents, services and/or products hosted on the website can be accessed, browsed and/or used with no prior registration.

However, using or contracting some of the services and/or products on the website may require the User to previously subscribe, register or fill out a registration form through an access code composed of a User code (login or ID) and a password (password), freely chosen by the User, to access the account.

The terms and conditions that regulate the registration process and the processing of personal data required to access the account are set forth in the personal data protection policy.

The User is solely responsible for the custody, diligent use and maintenance of the confidentiality of the access key (login or ID and password), and of the account itself, and therefore undertakes to make diligent use of it, to always keep it secret, not to share it and to protect it from unauthorized use.

The User agrees to assume responsibility for all activities carried out from his User account using his password.

The User must notify the website Owner immediately and without delay regarding any security incident related to access or non-consensual use of the password and / or account, as well as any breach of security such as loss, theft or possible access by a third party to it, by sending an email to the following email address

The registered User may unsubscribe at any time losing User status, as well as the rights and data associated with your account and the contents of it, by sending an email to the following email address

The website Owner may also suspend, delete the account, and/or terminate the registered User, ending the relationship established between the two and losing the User the rights derived from that condition, the data associated with your account and the contents of the same, if it breaches the legal notice or the rest of the legal texts.


The User agrees to use the website in good faith and make a proper use of the information, content, services and/or products offered by the Owner or by third parties in compliance with the Law, good practices, public order and content of this legal notice and other legal texts.

In the same way, the User is forbidden from using the website, information, contents, services and/or products offered therein for purposes which are illegal, harmful or contravene the contents of this legal notice and/or legal texts or which re harmful to the interests or rights of the Owner or third parties.

The User specifically agrees to not use the aforementioned information, contents services and//or products for any of the following purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. - Engaging in illicit, harmful, illegal or contrary to good practices and public order activities.
  2. - Disseminating information, contents or opinions that affect the dignity of the person and/or contain threatening, slanderous, defamatory, derogatory statements and /or promote any discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, among others, which threaten youth or childhood, order or public safety.
  3. - Destroying, altering, disabling, interrupting, making a fraudulent use of or damaging the information, content, services and/or products of the web, as well as installing malware that may cause alterations or damage to the website.
  4. - Using programs or devices to circumvent the controls, security measures or passwords implemented by the Owner.


1.- The User acknowledges that this website is the property of the Owner, who is either the author of the information, contents, services and/or products offered therein either by him or by third parties or has the corresponding license or authorization for their use, including but not limited to:

  1. - Distinctive features such as brands, trade names and logos.
  2. - The appearance, presentation, the "look and feel", color and design combinations.
  3. - The source code, object code, computer software, multimedia products, the databases and other elements needed to operate.
  4. - The texts, comments, messages, images, graphics, drawings, designs, sounds, audios, videos and photographs.

2.- Under no circumstances does granting the User access to the information, contents, services and/or products offered by the Owner imply any type of waiver, transmission, transfer (be it partial or full) or license over said intellectual and industrial property rights, nor does it confer on the User any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation without the prior and express written authorization of the Owner.

3.- The reproduction, distribution, transformation and public communication, including the method of making them available, as well as the modification, alteration or decompilation of all or part of the information, content, services and / or the products offered by the Owner, for commercial purposes or not, in any medium and by any technical means without the prior written authorization of the Owner.

4.- The User is allowed to access, browse, use, print, download and store the information, contents, services and/or products offered by the Owner solely for his/her personal, private and nonprofit use and for no commercial purposes, provided that authorship and source are mentioned, accompanied by a copyright symbol and/or by industrial property notes held by the Owners. The User agrees to not omit or alter any element indicating Ownership such as © and TM.

5.- Should the User make any contribution in the form of ideas, projects, proposals, content, opinions, etc. by use of any means, medium or technology, be it in written, oral, sound or audiovisual format, whether submitted by email, fax, mail, social networks or through any other means of communication, is is hereby acknowledged that the website Owner will automatically be granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license over all of the aforementioned contributions, with no need for further requirements, and the right to use and exploit its intellectual and property rights as long as allowed by current legislation and including but not limited to the rights of exploitation, recording, reproduction, distribution, public communication using any format, medium or technology currently known or that may be invented in the future, in all or some of such contributions. Such license shall include grant the right to incorporate and commercialize them through any type of medium.

Likewise, the User hereby grants the right to assign and/or sublicense such contributions to third parties, without it being an infringement of the moral rights of the author.

The User is responsible for the authorship and originality of his/her contributions, as well as for the peaceful exercise of their use. Therefore, the User is responsible for ensuring that such contributions do not infringe the rights of third parties or violate any current legislation concerning intellectual and industrial property rights, including but not limited to trade secrets and confidential or secret information protected by contractual agreements.

The User also assumes the obligation to hold the Owner and/or his/her representatives, partners, managers, attorneys, employees, etc. harmless and free of any liabilities that may arise from the undertaking of actions, whether judicial or not, that may originate from the violation of the rights of third parties or by current legislation related to contributions.

For the purposes of preserving any and all intellectual and industrial property rights or trade secrets, should any User or third party consider that there has been a violation of their legitimate rights deriving from the use of the information, contents, services and/or products on the website, they shall report it in writing to indicating:

  1. - Personal data of the party concerned and holder of the allegedly infringed rights.
  2. - The contents protected by intellectual property rights and their location on the website.
  3. - Proof of Ownership and validity regarding the aforementioned intellectual property rights.
  4. - The express declaration in which the party concerned is responsible for the veracity of the data and information provided.


This website collects and processes personal data.

The Owner strongly encourages the User to carefully read the privacy policy that can be found by clicking on the following link:, as well as the different information clauses concerning each of the data collection forms.

It is hereby informed that personal data collected through this website will be processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (RGPD), Organic Law 3/2018, (LOPDGDDD) and Spanish Law 3/2018.


The website cookie policy can be found on the link below:


The Owner makes links available to Users for informational purposes only. In no way does the Owner control, endorse or recommend any of the content, products or services provided by the external websites to which these links refer.

Therefore, the Owner assumes no responsibility for the websites these links refer to.

Anyone who wants to add a link to the Owner's website in their own website must meet the following requirements:

1.- The link shall not contain any false, misleading or derogatory statements or instructions that are contrary to law, morals or conventions concerning the Owner, information, contents, services and/or products offered, managers or employees.

2.- Users are not allowed to link to pages that prejudice respect for human dignity and/or contain threatening, slanderous, defamatory, derogatory statements and /or promote any discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, among others, which threaten youth or childhood, order or public safety.

3.- By no means does a link to a website establish any kind of legal relationship between both parties.


The User must be aware that online security measures are not impregnable. Therefore, the website Owner cannot guarantee that the website is free of malware and other elements that may alter the User’s computer system (software and hardware).

In order to encourage a safe use of the Internet safely and to avoid fraudulent situations of identity theft, it is important to take the following security recommendations into account:

a.- Under no circumstances will the Owner or any of his/her employees, collaborator or suppliers request the User, be it by phone, text, WhatsApp, email, etc., access key (login or ID and password), any ID, passport number or other data such as credit cards, social security numbers, etc.

b.- The User must stay alert when spotting requests of this kind and in no case must he/she reply. The User shall immediately notify the website Owner by sending an email to:

c.- The Owner’s website must be accessed by typing the address or url into the address bar. It is not advised to access it through a link, an e-mail or unreliable websites.

d.- Antivirus software is required to be installed, running and up to date as well as updating any and all programs of browsers used by the User.


This Website may contain advertising or sponsored content.

Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the website complies with the regulations that may be applicable in each case.

The website Owner accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or inconsistencies that may be included in the advertising or sponsor content.

Any User who wants to make a complaint regarding advertising on the website must send an email to


The website Owner uses social media to market the company’s services and products.

Should the User join, follow and/or like the communities that the Owner has in different social networks, he/she implicitly accepts the terms of use and privacy policy of the social network in question, as well as the legal disclaimer and legal texts of the Owner’s website.

The Owner’s business accounts on social media are as follows:

1.- LinkedIn:

2.- Twitter:

3.- YouTube:

4.- Instagram:


The Owner makes various website areas available for User participation (online forums, chats rooms, etc.), from which the Owner will not participate.

The User alone is to be held responsible for any comment, contribution or opinion he or she may post online. At no time shall the Owner be held responsible for any of such comments.

The website Owner reserves the right to delete any comments and contributions that go against this legal disclaimer and/or any of the legal texts, as well as the right to suspend or cancel a User account.


The website Owner makes these services available for Users of legal age. Therefore, anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to use our online services and/or products.


The User acknowledges and accepts that he/she accesses this website and the information, contents, services and/or products offered therein under his/her sole responsibility and that at not time can the website Owner guarantee:

  1. that the information is accurate, complete, up to date or relevant
  2. the adequate speed of access, the availability and continuity of the operation of the website,
  3. the absence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations.

To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, the “website Owner” excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to or derive from the information, content, services and/or products offered on this website or that may result from website unavailability or downtime.

In compliance with Articles 11 and 16 of Law 34/2002 (LSSICE), the Owner will actively collaborate in the removal or, where appropriate, blocking of any and all content that might affect or violate Applicable Law, the rights of third parties or is contrary to public order and morality.

The User acknowledges that the Owner shall, where appropriate and without prior notice to the User, bring any fact that may constitute an unlawful or harmful action to the attention of the administrative or judicial authorities, as well as prosecute the breach of this legal notice and other legal texts, pursuing any course of action he/she may be entitled to by law.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall the website Owner be liable for any delays or failures that may occur when accessing and using the website or any of its services, information, contents and/or products or for any interruptions, outages or malfunction directly resulting from breakdowns caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, lightning bolts or fires, force majeure events, extreme emergency situations such as viruses, pandemics, wars, military operations, civil upheavals, strikes, lockouts including but not limited to any other force majeure event or act of God.


The website Owner shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the website will be available and accessible all days of the year.

However, the Owner reserves the right to interrupt, block, suspend and/or cancel access to the information, contents, services and/or products offered on the Site at any time, without notice, for any of the following reasons:

  1. Security, technical, operational or maintenance issues or force majeure situations.
  2. Abusive or unlawful use of the website.
  3. Non-compliance with legal disclaimer and other legal texts.


The terms and conditions on this legal disclaimer and other legal texts are those in force since the date of the last update and may be subject to regular changes and updates, so the version on the website may vary every time the User accesses the web.

The Owner of the website may at any time add, update, modify or delete the terms and conditions of this legal disclaimer and other legal texts. Such changes will come into effect from the moment of their publication on the website, being applicable to all Users from that date onwards.


This legal notice and all the other legal texts shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law, to which both parties expressly submit and which is to be the only applicable law.

Any controversy, lawsuit, discrepancy or claim resulting directly or indirectly from the interpretation, compliance or noncompliance, enforcement, termination or nullity of this legal disclaimer and the rest of the legal texts, both parties hereby agree to be bound by the competent jurisdiction of the Courts of the customer’s place of residence provided that it is located in Spanish in territory and acts both as a customer and a User.

Otherwise, any and all disputes will be settled by the Courts of Law in the City of Lleida, Spain.

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