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Business Intelligence
/ Take control, decide with knowledge

Relevant information from the very first moment: analyse the data of your business and decide with key information in your hands

The frenzied speed with which business moves today creates enormous quantities of relevant information. This means that you need tools to sift out what can you use and manage it so that you can be sure your business decisions are absolutely right and sensible.

That is why Business Intelligence incorporates those functions, to help with your day-to-day work: providing total visibility of the strategic indicators in your business and a support so that you can decide strategically and wisely.

We offer you Business Intelligence tools designed for users, intuitive and very easy to use. Users benefit from access to the information in real time and independently. The tight and secure integration of Business Intelligence with ERP platforms guarantees the integrity of the data and the reliability of information critical for your business.

Help your departments to convert the information into tangible opportunities

General management
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the real situation of your company
  • Explore the information down to the smallest detail
  • Assess the profitability of every part of your company
  • Detect deviations or anomalies in an instant
  • Compare reality with forecast
Financial management
  • Where do I win? Where do I lose? Uncover your doubts
  • Have your exploitation account available online
  • Detect deviations in your results account
  • Know how old your customers' debts are
  • Detect hidden costs
  • Understand the state of your banking operations
  • Which customers are developing positively?
  • Which products should I be pushing?
  • Make your relationships with customers profitable
  • Understand how sales are developing
  • Consider the risk before making a sale
  • Assess the profitability of each of your customers
  • What happens if the trend continues? And if it reverses?
  • Monitor your market share
  • Monitor the effectiveness and impact of your campaigns
  • Analyse the situation and the actions of the competition
Human resources
  • Know the degree of satisfaction of your staff
  • Know the profitability of each resource
  • Monitor absenteeism in your personnel
  • Establish job security ratios
  • Monitor the effectiveness of training courses
  • Establish bonuses for targets
  • Promote efficiency and motivation for your personnel
  • Establish parameters to find the best candidate
  • Who should I buy from and why? At what price?
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your suppliers and their response times
  • Monitor the stock and establish optimum ratios
  • Analyse and optimise your budgets
  • Establish quality ratios for the products
Computer systems
  • Deliver appropriate information at the right time
  • Reduce time taken in generating reports
  • Reduce the costs of ownership and licensing
  • Consolidate information from the various data sources
  • Improve the times of introduction and installation
  • Automate your analysis and reporting system
Corporate profitability
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase income
  • Align your decisions with the company strategy
  • Centralise information in a single access point
  • Integrate information from the different business areas

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Business Intelligence solution

Business Intelligence

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