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Aritmos Demo Center

You can see some of our business solutions here in this space arranged to show them to you. if you need to go deeper into any of them, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our it advisers.

Product videos

Sage X3 Fruits and vegetables

software for the management of fruit, vegetables and salads (apples, pears, oranges, lemons, tangerines, peaches, bananas, cherries, strawberries, potatoes, lettuce, onions, legumes, etc.)

See the demo below (content available in English)

Sage X3 Beverages

Software for the management of beverages and the wine industry (wineries, distilleries, juices, etc.)

See the demo below (content available in English)

Sage X3 Cereals

Software for the management of cereals (wheat, barley, rice, maize, oats, soy, etc.) and nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts).

See the demo below (content available in English)

Sage X3 Wear

Software for the management of fashion chains and stores (sizes and colours)

See the demo below (content available in English)

Product catalogues

Business solutions, based on Sage X3, for industrial sectors, service companies and the sector of food and agriculture and cooperatives

At Aritmos we believe in solutions exclusively designed and developed to optimise business productivity and competition. This is technology which offers an exhaustive view of the business and covers all the areas of an organisation. We try to respond to all the technical needs with the most reliable and effective tools available, that is to say, supplying small, medium and large companies with innovative software: Sage X3.

Sage X3 and Aritmos vertical software: total integration

At Aritmos we develop comprehensive business solutions. Aritmos vertical software is programmed using the resources and development tools of Sage X3. The tool works in open environments, is multisystem operative (Windows/Unix) and multi-database (Oracle/SQL Server) in customer/server mode or in web mode (intranet/Internet). This allows us to achieve total integration between the Sage platform and vertical software developments (also for graphic interfaces). This investment promotes the development of software with adaptability of scale for future versions of Sage X3.

Business solutions for industrial sectors, service companies, etc.
Business solutions for the food and agriculture sector and cooperatives.

At Aritmos we are constantly developing new business management solutions for the sectors of industry, services, food and agriculture. These include software both for new sectors and for sectors similar to those we already supply with technology solutions and services. As well as our leading standardised applications, Aritmos also offers projects personalised for customers.

Business solution Sage X3 (ERP): "The quickest, simplest and most flexible business management solution"

Sage X3 is not a typical ERP. Sage X3 helps in the management of your business. It simplifies all your operations, so that you are ready and prepared for whatever comes, wherever you are.

Businesses all over the world vouch for Sage X3:

John Babcock, Vice-President, Satellite Industries Inc.

"With Sage X3, from my office in Minnesota I can send an offer for a German customer written in German and with the figures in euro. And even better, I can do the same thing with the same efficiency from my iPad in the cafeteria."

Phil Pitzer, Information Systems Director of Blount Fine Foods

"Since our implementation of Sage X3, we have doubled our income and the programme goes on offering a good combination of capacity, adaptability in scale and ease of use".

Philippe Scemama, CEO of Adelya

"Our salesmen generally dealt with four customers a day. After getting them mobile devices connected to Sage X3, they have doubled that number".

João Andrade, Export Director of Novarroz

"For Novarroz, the choice of Sage X3 meant a significant improvement in the automation of business processes with customers, partners and suppliers. This flexible and intuitive tool supplied total integration of information, improved efficiency and gave us total control over costs".

Mike DePasquale, Manager of Group Business Systems in Avon Rubber p.l.c.

"If you understand the importance of data in the decision-making process in your business, you will see the value of this tool at once. Sage X3 allows businesses to achieve their targets. It makes our business more rational, more strategic".

Ted Whyte, Financial Director of Crest Chemicals

"We have a software system, Sage X3, which can not only manage the rapid expansion that the company is going through, but also grows with Crest Chemicals as the company branches out into new territories and products".