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Sage CRM
/ To create relationships of trust is to optimise your business

Sage CRM is the CRM software you use to get the most out of sales opportunities and give excellent service

To manage contacts and schedules with all your customers, automate the repetitive tasks in your sales cycle, follow up your marketing campaigns and give personalised customer service, you need to have the best CRM. You can do all these things with Sage CRM, Customer Relationship Management software designed to offer all the people in the organisation who interact with customers (sales, marketing and customer attention service) the tools they need to increase productivity, create longer-lasting relationships with existing customers, recruit new ones and secure sales.

CRM for customer-oriented business management

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity while at the same increasing customer satisfaction
  • Guarantee that your resources in sales, marketing and customer service are being used to obtain maximum performance
  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Reduce the cost of marketing in obtaining potential new customers
  • Guarantee compliance with agreements on customer service level
  • Minimise administrative costs

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Concurrent users: from 1 to more than 200


Business size: from 1 to 500 employees


Directed to any sector of activity: Distribution, Manufacture, Services


Complete integration with Sage solutions


Available in all forms: acquisition of licence, subscription, cloud


Effective connection with customers through social networks

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Manage all the key moments with your customers

Customers are everything to a business. It is they who give your business value, who allow you to innovate and grow. And it is as important to capture new customers as to keep up good relations with those you already have, offering them the best products and services according to their profile and needs. However, it is not always easy to get all the information about a customer coordinated so that it can be consulted by the sales teams, to see which operations have the best chance of achieving new sales.

With Sage CRM you can access all the sales opportunities in your business, and all the different agendas which exist (including those of Microsoft Outlook), commercial reports and contacts, so that the sales teams can concentrate their efforts on selling. You can also carry out and segment the various marketing campaigns and later analyse their results. Sage CRM also helps you take advantage of all the potential in the social networks, more and more used by your existing and potential customers and manage all your tools from any mobile device.

With Sage CRM you will be able to unify all the information on your customers (general business data, people to contact, addresses, telephones, e-mail) in one place, which will become the only source of information to be accessed in order to know everything you need about existing customers and potential new ones. Managing your schedule means that you can organise your daily activities and those of your teams so that you are all collaborating and you can record all the meetings, calls, e-mails, etc., in the logbook of communications with each customer.

With Sage CRM you can get the most out of each of your sales opportunities. An overall view of all the opportunities in the pipeline means that you can select the most profitable and assign your sales force to them, without losing sight of the others. Combined with the sales forecasts, you will have a medium-term view of the future progress of sales, so that you can take business decisions based on real data. The process flows help you to systematise the stages of your sales cycle and automate those repetitive tasks, so that your sales team can concentrate their efforts on selling.

You can manage your marketing campaigns easily, planning their every detail, controlling costs and measuring the results and returns on each one of the actions. You can adapt the messages to their targets on the spot, using the powerful segmentation tools, ensuring that each target addressee receives the appropriate message at the right time. Extend conversations with your existing and potential customers in the social networks, thanks to the capacities of Social CRM, and interact with them in a collaborative manner. With this you will achieve maximum dissemination and the best results in all your marketing activities.

With Sage CRM you can manage efficiently all the activities of your Customer Attention department and find out really what are your customers' greatest interests and concerns. You can record all the incidents, consultations, complaints, claims, etc., ensuring that these are all adequately managed and nothing is left unresolved, thanks to the Sage CRM alerts system. You can automate the process of solving incidents using the process flows and increase productivity in your customer attention agents. Through the self-service portal you can offer your customers new 24/7 contact options.

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