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Digitalise your company’s invoicing process

Digitalise your company’s invoicing process, streamline the processes with your clients and service providers, and reduce costs at the same time. Aritmos Digital Invoicing with the B2Brouter technology helps companies to solve the different challenges they have when issuing, receiving and managing electronic documents.

It enables you to send and receive electronic documents such as invoices, quotes, orders and dispatch notes to and from companies all over the world. And, with Aritmos’ assistance, you may integrate it with your ERP or with payment platforms such as Stripe.


B2Brouter is a cloud-based solution that will help you to send and receive invoices and other electronic documents in the correct format, via the required network. A tool accessible to all, from the self-employed to large companies

  • You can process the sending and receipt of electronic documents with public and private companies all over the world. You can manage all the electronic documents from one platform.
  • Send and receive electronic documents in different formats. Aritmos Digital Invoicing converts electronic documents into the format your client requests and accepts electronic documents in the formats your service providers send you, facilitating management.
  • Using the directory, you can easily create a list of clients and service providers, by simply entering the tax ID number. The directory takes charge of the technical aspects such as the sending method, the format of the invoice and the specific codes.
  • Through our API, we offer integration services for the exchange, approval, signature, conversion and sending of electronic documents such as invoices, orders and dispatch notes.
  • Managing electronic documents can be complicated on account of the large variety of networks and formats. B2Brouter provides a specialised platform, available for all users.

Use cases

Unification of the receipt of invoices

Large companies need to centralise the receipt of invoices from a high number of service providers, using costly processes and business rules that can be complex to manage, both for the sender and the recipient.

Reception via public networks

The administration must request electronic invoices from its service providers. Otherwise, the invoices cannot be processed or paid.

I need to invoice the public administration

Current regulations demand that the service providers of the public administration send electronic invoices to invoice the products or services sold.

Invoicing and tax programme

When complying with the Tax Agency, self-employed people and small companies need an efficient and simple management, both for their invoices, and to submit information about taxes, which is obligatory.

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