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Food and agriculture
/ Specialised business solutions for your agricultural industry

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the food and agriculture sector allow us to develop business solutions (ERP) specialised and personalised for your organisation. With hundreds of systems installed in food and agriculture enterprises, cooperatives, etc., at Aritmos we have accumulated the experience and capacities to optimise all your processes.

Fruit and vegetable centres, agricultural cooperatives, livestock fattening, oil presses, flour mills, wineries, dairy industries, cereal producers, fodder producers, credit sections, etc. At Aritmos we design, develop and implement comprehensive technological tools which will help you to manage the particular features of your industry.

Business solutions for the food and agriculture sector

Management of food and agriculture enterprises


Management of food and agriculture enterprises


Food and agriculture verticals on ERP platforms

  • Fruit and vegetable sector
  • Vineyards and wineries (Bodegas)
  • Beverages industries
  • Oil mills
  • Alfalfa driers and fodder producers
  • Management of cereals
  • Management of dried fruits
  • Flour mills
  • Cotton producers
  • Tomato growers
  • Beet growers
  • Fodder factories and livestock fattening
  • Farms
  • Milk industries
  • Meat industries
  • Farming cooperatives

Related functions:

  • Banking management (credit sections)
  • Supplies
  • Insurance brokers
  • Certified communications



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The success of our clients is synonymous and proportional to our own success. For this reason, at Aritmos we work to guarantee that every project achieves the business objectives set and the hoped-for expectations.

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