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The business solution for administering your poultry business

Nobody knows the particularities of your poultry farm better than you: traceability, bird control, classification and/or transport of animals, nutrients, specific documentation for managing the poultry farm, etc.

For correct and efficient management, you need to cover all these aspects with specialised software adapted to the needs of your farm.

We are proud to present the computer programs by Aritmos, IT tools designed for the optimum management of your poultry farm.

Improve the operations and competitiveness of your poultry farm with our software. Aritmos will allow you to control all the activities of your company, optimising its operation. With a computer program for managing your farm, you will improve your results.



  • Differentiation between different breeds of birds
  • Differentiation between different egg grades e.g. jumbo, extra-large, large etc.
  • Definition of raw materials such as feed, vaccines and fuel
  • Definition of packing material
  • Definition of day-old chicks

Management of various stages

  • Rearing bird management: placement of parent stock, shed preparation, feeding, vaccination, mortalities, culling and statistical record keeping such as lights on/off, temperatures, feed and water consumptions etc.
  • Laying bird management: placement of rearing birds, shed preparation, feeding, vaccination, mortalities, culling and statistical record keeping such as lights on/off, temperatures, feed and water consumptions etc, amortization of rearing bird cost based on production schedules
  • Broiler bird management: placement of day-old chicks, shed preparation, feeding, vaccination, mortalities, culling and statistical record keeping such as lights on/off, temperatures, feed and water consumptions etc, slaughtering schedules

Hatchery management

  • Production types: grading, packing
  • Importing of production results
  • Egg grading
  • Setting of eggs
  • Hatching off eggs
  • Packing and free stock management of day-old chickens
  • Traceability: ascending, descending

Egg pack station management

  • Production types: grading, packing
  • Production templates
  • Importing of production results
  • Pallet production statement
  • Egg grading
  • Traceability: ascending, descending
  • Liquidising of cracks and broken eggs

Settlement management

  • Invoice types: advance, settlement
  • Price tables: date interval, value table, etc.
  • Calculation of settlements by table
  • Direct settlements

Cost management

  • Cost type: production, marketing
  • Cost documentation
  • Apportionment of cost
  • Cost of sales report


  • Vehicles
  • Transport zones
  • Transport fees
  • Transport delivery notes
  • Invoices to transporters

Pallet management

  • Format: pallet, pack product pallet
  • Pallet documentation (serial codes)
  • Automatic pallet generation
  • Pallet production statement
  • Made tea consumption statement (bar code reader)
  • Pallet break down


  • Document type: offers, contracts, deliveries, returns, etc.
  • Packaging types: boxes, bins
  • Associated documents: quality, pricing
  • Free stock management

Contract grower management

  • Contract grower recruitment
  • Contract grower certification
  • Input cost invoicing e.g. day-old chickens, feed etc.
  • Settlement and payment of contract growers
  • Contract grower performance recording e.g. PEF ratios to determine contract grower bonuses and penalties

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A computer application also recommended and/or adjustable for other agri activities:

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  • raising and breeding sheep and goats
  • raw milk production from sheep and goats
  • production of raw wool
Management of pig breeding
  • raising and breeding pigs
Management of poultry keeping
  • raising and breeding poultry: birds, chickens, capons, ducks, geese, turkeys, hens
  • egg production
  • exploitation of chick raising and incubators
Management of cattle and buffalo breeding
  • raising and breeding of cattle and buffalos
  • raw milk production from dairy cows and buffalo
Management of the breeding of horses and other equines
  • raising and breeding horses, donkeys, mules and hinnies
Managing the raising of camels and other camelids
  • raising and breeding camels, dromedaries and other camelids
Managing the raising of other animals
  • raising and breeding semi-domesticated animals and other living creatures: ostriches and emus, rabbits and other fur animals, other birds
  • bee-keeping, honey and beeswax production

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