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We are looking for formulas to transform business information into real knowledge for the company

In a few words, what has Aritmos’ career been, what are its focuses and objectives in the short and medium term?

Aritmos is a company with a family origin, which has spent more than 30 years offering technological consultancy and software development services to organisations in multiple sectors of activity. Initially, the company specialised in the development of software for managing agriculture and food industries as there are many areas in this sector in our region (Lleida). Over the years, Aritmos has developed towards other sectors, developing specific management tools for them. It was at the beginning of last decade that the company started its collaboration with the multinational company Sage, to make a qualitative technical leap ahead with the incorporation of a new technological platform (ERP). Over time, Sage X3 has become the tool we were looking for, with greater power and functional spectrum, that could support our vertical software conceived for companies from different sectors.

In addition, in recent years Aritmos has integrated with other technological companies, managing to notably increase its portfolio of clients. In the last 4 to 5 years, we have started a process to internationalise the company that is leading us to develop projects and/or business partner relationships in countries such as Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), New Zealand, South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town), the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America (California, Chicago, New York), Ecuador, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, France, China, Ireland, Egypt, etc.

How did you reach the conclusion that you needed to incorporate a BI tool into your portfolio of services?

As a technological consultancy and as experts in computers, at Aritmos we have always been “obsessed” by the search for the optimal analysis of data in all the solutions we develop. So much so, that we try to advance on the possible needs of clients seeking the best formulas to transform their business information into real knowledge for the company.

In this respect, we saw the need to make the very most of the large amounts of information and data that our clients generate so as to help them meet their most strategic objectives. Business Intelligence tools are responsible for revealing this important data, so we needed a powerful tool for this.

What has your technical and commercial experience been on integrating BI4WEB as a new product to offer your clients?

BI4Web is the Business Intelligence tool that we were looking for to complete our portfolio of business management and data analysis products. Thanks to this BI tool, we have been able to focus our value contribution to the client much better with respect to data analysis. BI4Web enables us to quickly provide information and knowledge, the strengths and weaknesses of companies, through data.

The system provides analysis documents in real time so that the management and qualified staff in the company can have the key information to make fast, effective decisions. BI4Web also allows the information to be studied by means of any method of representation (graphic, KPI, reporting or grids, etc.). The software offers various possibilities in a single tool.

Commercially, we now have an application that perfectly complements our ERP software and other technological tools, enabling us to offer a view of the real business panorama of companies, at the same time as helping them to increase and strengthen their analysis and decision-making ability.

In view of your knowledge of the market and the growing demand for Business Analysis, how would you position BI4Web in Aritmos’ future?

Today, BI4Web is a tool with a solid position in the portfolio of technological solutions that we introduce at Aritmos. Its ability to analyse data, its wide spectrum of functions, as well of the possibilities to integrate it with other technical tools make it a very powerful BI which, at the same time, is intuitive and easy to use.

At Aritmos, we trust in BI4Web due to the support it provides to the analysis of all the company’s activities, at the same time as generating conclusive reports. This ability enables our clients to make decisions, helping them to separate the wheat from the chaff and offering benefits to all the areas of the company. This means that not only do they save time and money, but they also manage to identify new business opportunities.

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