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Aritmos Tomatoes
/ ERP software for management of the tomato processing industry

The business solution for administration of the whole tomato production cycle

Nobody understands the specific needs of the tomato industry better than you do. Management of such a specialised type of business requires tools that will allow you to optimise all of your operational processes.

That is why Aritmos provides software that has been specially adapted to the specific characteristics of your sector. Aritmos solutions are modular applications that, once adapted to your company’s individual specifications, will allow you to maximise your business performance.

Our ERP software is the result of Aritmos’s vast experience in the development of global solutions for a variety of activity sectors related to your business.

Aritmos solutions allow you to maintain comprehensive control over your business, increasing your competitiveness and optimising all of your work and administrative management operations so that you are sure to make the right decisions, whenever you need to.



  • Land management
  • Contracts with producers
  • Farms
  • Estimated production
  • Contract reports: contract tracking
  • Purchasing delivery notes: direct or contracted
  • Transport information
  • Traceability information (production line, time recorded)
  • Quality data (green fruit, extraneous materials, spoiled product, etc.)
  • Input reports: subsidised and unsubsidised purchases
  • MP transactions (industry, OPFH)
  • Appendix III, VIII, etc.
  • End-of-season deliveries
  • Advances/settlements to suppliers
  • Direct
  • By price tables
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents

Transport and unloading

  • Vehicle control
  • List of transport delivery notes
  • Evaluation of transport costs by article group
  • Printing of self-invoices for transporters
  • Generation of accounting documents

Production reports

  • Production share data: article, mix, presentation, etc.
  • Barrel generation
  • Traceability information (production lines, production time)
  • Automatic connection with facility
  • Sample analysis
  • Assignment to barrels


  • Management of customer orders
  • Order reports: order tracking
  • Delivery notes for sales: direct or from orders
  • Transport information
  • Barrel assignment
  • Output reports: industry P.T. transactions
  • Accompanying documents
  • ‘Code List’
  • ‘Intake List’
  • ‘Packing List’
  • ‘CMR roadway bill’
  • Invoicing process: direct invoicing
  • Selection of deliveries
  • Generation of accounting, taxation, and forecasting documents

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A computer application also recommended and/or adjustable for other agri sectors:

Management of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
  • leaf and stem vegetables
  • artichokes
  • asparagus
  • cabbages
  • cauliflower and broccoli
  • lettuces and chicory
  • spinach
  • other leaf and stem vegetables
  • fruit vegetables
  • cucumber and gherkins
  • aubergines
  • tomatoes
  • watermelons
  • cantaloupe melons
  • other melons and fruits
  • roots, bulbs and tubers

  • carrots
  • turnips
  • garlic
  • onions (including shallots)
  • leeks and other alliums
  • other roots, bulbs and tubers
  • mushrooms (fungi) and truffles
  • seeds
  • sugar beet
  • other roots and tubers
  • potato 
  • sweet potato
  • yucca (cassava)
  • yams
  • other roots and tubers

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